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You’re capable of more than you think. We’re here to help you do it.

Personal Instruction

Customized Plans

Individual Goal Tracking

You deserve someone who will focus on you.

To get the best results, you need personal guidance from trained professionals. At Spark, we believe every person deserves to have a coach.

When you train at Spark, you’ll be a part of our 5:1 client to coach ratio to ensure you
get personal instruction each and every time you come to the gym.

Getting to your goals starts with learning where you are today.

1. Free Consultation

We’ll learn where you are currently, what your goals are, and determine what you need to get there.

2. Get A Plan

With your goals in mind, we’ll develop a custom training plan for you to reach them.

3. Reach Your Goals

We teach you what you need and guide you through the training as you reach your goals.

Training at Spark is different from anything you’ve done before.


5:1 Client to Coach Ratio


Fun & Driven Atmosphere


Individual Goal Tracking


Customized Training Plans


Personal Instruction


High Intensity Training

Here are the programs we offer:

Sports Performance Training

If you want to reach the next level in your sport, our Sports Performance Training program is exactly what you need.

When working with us, we’ll create a sport-specific plan for where you are today to help you reach whatever the next level is for you. Whether it’s becoming a collegiate athlete, reaching the All-Conference team, or making your next travel team, we understand how hard it is to reach your full potential and are here to help you get there.

Fitness Training

Our total-body training regiment is catered specifically to your goals. While we incorporate similar training techniques through each of our programs, we adapt the intensity, schedule, and plan to your body type, past history, and future goals.

We combine kettlebell training, bodyweight movements, endurance exercises, and high intensity metcons for a full body work out that is both intense and fun.

Through this program, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your mobility and flexibility, build functional strength, improve your cardiovascular endurance, and increase your overall confidence.

We’ve helped hundreds of others reach their goals.

We can help you too!

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Quit trying to do this on your own.

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